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Many of our partners have built their businesses from scratch. Their coworkers are like family, and they have deep, well established roots within their local communities. We want to honor the name above the door. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider partnering with Legacy Service Partners:

Your Legacy

You will realize immediate financial gains by selling a majority stake in your business while retaining upside as your business grows through our partnership. We will plan a thoughtful exit strategy for the remainder of your ownership when you are ready to fully retire.


You’ll benefit from our general business support including back-end finance and accounting functions, human resources, marketing programs, training and group purchasing. We provide the resources of a larger organization while giving you the freedom to continue operating your business the way only you can.

Our Partnership

We have your best interest in mind. Together we’ll make decisions to best serve your company, your employees, your community, and you. We encourage you to keep your leadership role and retain your culture and team after partnering. At LSP, you’ll be part of a collaborative network of like-minded business owners who share best practices, leverage resources, and combine purchasing power.

How It Works

Within 2 months, you’ll have peace of mind.

Get to know you

Start with a simple phone call. Let’s get to know each other. If the call goes well, we will meet in person to discuss a potential partnership.

Our agreement

We’ll agree on preliminary terms and sign a letter of intent.

We’re partners!

Due diligence is complete, we’ll sign documents and wire you the money. You will continue to receive annual distributions as we grow your business together.

Full exit

A built-in exit strategy allows you to participate in the upside of the platform, and retire with your finances secured.